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Jun 27 2011

Greatest first weekend of Institute everrr

Break down of a great first weekend here!


- TFA Early Childhood happy hour at Duffy’s in Linkin Park. $20 all you can drink and eat from their small buffet. This included really good beers on tap like 312, Green Line, Shock Top, Guinness… yum. Bonded with other TFAers and enjoyed a really eventful walk back to the train (we managed to buy ice cream at Walgreens AND donuts at Dunkin Donuts…oink). Good time all around.


- TASTE OF CHICAGO! Met up with Grinnell friend, Ben Johnson, and his girlfriend Dani (yes Marc and Fletch, she does exist). Both are also TFA teachers in New Orleans at a charter school. Ate lots of food at the taste (helllllo chocolate dipped frozen banana and corn on the cob…classics), walked to Millennium Park and then decided to walk the Magnificent Mile and get drinks at the top of the John Hancock… best idea ever! That’s been on my to do list for I don’t know how long.

- After the Taste, we went home and had a great dinner with the fam. Took it easy at this point cause I’m exhausted after my first week of institute!


- Said goodbye John and fam and came back to the crazy little world of TFA at IIT

- Decided that before I jumped back into pre-k classroom planning, I needed to take a bike ride. AGAIN, best idea ever. I rode about 10 miles total, from IIT to the point at Hyde Park… meandered around the point for a bit and then took a dip in the lake at the sandy beach (but only to my waist cause the water’s still a bit too chilly right now). It was so beautiful, and I kept thinking that I wish I had brought my camera. I also thought that I want to have my wedding reception at the observatory/promontory building at the point some day… haha. Why do I search out wedding reception venues every where I go?… Anyway, it was a nice little work out and the perfect way to clear my head and relax before getting back to work.

- Planned and prepped for about 4 hours tonight with my group… hope the first day of class goes well tomorrow! Good luck warm fuzzies are welcome :)

Also, here’s a peek at the life of ECE:

Out lovely basement space…

How we keep ourselves engaged during sessions. Yea that’s right, we get playdoh and candy and cheers.

Yay adding pictures into this post was fun.

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